Allianz Ayudhya reinforces its Health Protection leadership with the launch of new advertising campaign “Ready Enough”


Allianz Ayudhya reinforces its Health Protection leadership with the launch of new advertising campaign “Ready Enough” Featuring the flagship health plan – My Health Plus Ultra, a ‘pay as charge’ plan with high medical coverage from 3-15 MB

Allianz Ayudhya Assurance Public Company Limited, Thailand’s health protection leader, today reveals its brand new advertising campaign “Ready Enough” encouraging Thai people to realize the importance of having an insurance. The ad also aims to trigger people to be have enough preparation for any uncertainties as ‘disease can happen to anyone. Featuring in this ad campaign is the flagship health product ‘My Health Plus Ultra’ which provide lump sum medical coverage of 3-15 million baht. The campaign is believed to become a final sprint to drive productivity before year end.

Patchara Taveechaiwattana Chief Customer Officer of Allianz Ayudhya Assurance Public Company Limited explained that the new ad series is under the concept “Ready Enough” which conveys the message of the importance of having health insurance, as illnesses can happen to anyone at any time. She cited the COVID-19 pandemic, a new disease that forced everyone to recognize the necessity of having insurance to buffer medical expenses that keeps rising as time goes by due to the severity and complication of diseases as well as the advancement of medical technologies. In addition, Thailand is also facing rising inflation of about 9% per year which significantly increases medical expenses.

“Ready Enough” tells a story of two women as working individuals in a big city like Bangkok. One woman raise the question how come the illness has happened. While exploring how she eat, live, exercise, work, her stress level as well as a new disease, she finally realizes that it’s no point to seek for the answer. In reality, the disease can just happen to anyone regardless of any gender, age or how healthy lifestyle one is. Therefore, it’s very important to have enough financial coverage to handle such unexpected expenses. With “My Health Plus Ultra” insurance package, clients will be able to handle any illness with coverage that offers 3-15 million baht pay-as-charge medical expenses. The ad is directed by Teerapol Suneta from Suneta House, with Prasit Wittayasamrit of Choojai and Friends Company working as the creative producer.

Patchara added that the ad targets working individuals older than 30 years old, particularly salary men and women and business owners, citing the market research data that these groups of people have developed health concerns following the COVID-19 situation, leading to a number of them purchasing more health insurance policies, as they realized that they can be victims of a disease. She further stated that the company has also made several versions of the ad to cater different segments of people older than 30 years old. The longer version highlights the importance of having a health insurance policy that will be aired online targeting people in the age range of 30-40 years old. The shorter version focuses on the insurance products that offer coverage for medical expenses from 3-15 million baht for people older than 40 years old which will be aired on television. The company invest 80 million baht to support ad campaign. And it is expected to boost the sales of “My Health Plus Ultra” to about 420 million within 12 months after launch, and grow 10% health portfolio by the end of this year.

“My Health Plus Ultra” has 4 health plans for selection, with sum assured ranging from 3 million, 6 million, 10 million and 15 million baht respectively. It is applicable for the customer aged 1 month 1 day old to 70 years old (Renew the plan up to 89 years of age, coverage up to 90 years of age). The plan is a rider developed to better fulfill the customers’ needs. Not only covering a wide range of medical expenses when having to be hospitalized, such as fees for surgery, medical equipment, anesthesia, emergency ambulance, outpatient services– medical treatment for emergency accident within 24 hours after the accident, including small surgery that does not require hospitalization, but also added extra coverage for day cases including dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation treatments and medical expenses in the case of having to be admitted in the intensive care unit (ICU). The plan also gives coverage when COVID-19 and other viruses. The plan presents benefits as actual cost under the coverage limit according to the chosen plan by the customer.

“The recent COVID-19 situation was an eye opener. People now recognize that anyone is at risk of contracting a deadly disease at any time. The ad series underlines the importance of having health insurance, especially Allianz Ayudhya’s “My Health Plus Ultra” package that is modern and worth your hard-earned money. Illnesses can happen to anyone, so we have to be ready enough,” concluded Patchara.


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