LINE Thailand Launches New Feature, “Covid-19 Info Hub” Mini App On LINE Thailand Official Account


LINE Thailand Launches New Feature, “Covid-19 Info Hub” Mini App On LINE Thailand Official Account

• LINE Thailand invites people to follow Covid-19 Info Hub to stay tuned for the latest updates on the situation
• An intelligent digital tool is developed to record daily health assessment results ค่ะ

During a crisis time like this, fast and accurate information is one of the most important resources that everyone needs. LINE Thailand, the owner of a digital platform used by over 45 million people across Thailand, volunteers to be the hub of correct, credible, and fast information which includes news, knowledge, and situational updates. Covid-19 Info Hub Mini App, a new service on LINE Thailand Official Account, has been launched to provide comprehensive information on the Covid-19 outbreak. A digital tool has also been designed for people to primarily assess the risks of contracting Covid-19. Results of the assessment are recorded in a personal account for medical diagnosis when they need to go to the hospital.

Covid-19 Info Hub MINI App, a new menu on LINE Thailand Official Account, is on the first page of LINE Thailand Official Account and organized into six categories as follows.
1. COVID-19 outbreak statistics from, supported by the Thai Media Fund, Chulalongkorn University, and Workpoint Entertainment.
2. Health and risk assessment form, a collaboration between LINE Thailand and digital developer Cleverse, is an online questionnaire to help people assess their risks using an online system. Results of the assessment are stored for later retrieval later to help with the diagnosis if the assessment taker needs medical help.
3. Updates on the Covid-19 outbreak including the latest situations, news, and developments inside and outside Thailand. Policies and practices to cope with the spread of the virus in the government and private sectors, health care information, self-observation, and symptoms that may be caused by the coronavirus are also available. All of this information can be found on LINE TODAY.
4. Hospitals such as the hospitals where people can receive tests and treatments for Covid-19.
5. At-risk areas in collaboration with 5lab, the developer of COVID Tracker, to help people access its program via a menu on LINE Thailand Official Account.
6. LINE TIPS including LINE’s services that can help make lives easier during this crisis time such as features for working from home, promotions and food delivery from LINE MAN, interesting content on LINE TV, and donation to help combat the Covid-19 outbreak such as donation through LINE stickers.
COVID-19 Info Hub Mini App can be accessed using the following instructions:
• Follow LINE Thailand Official Account by going to “Home”. Press “Official account” and search for LINE Thailand. Click to follow in order to access the Covid-19 Info Hub to appear in the menu on the first page or go to directly on your mobile device.
• Open LINE, go to Home, then select the Service tab. The Covid-19 info item will appear on the list of LINE’s services
• Open LINE, select Wallet, and then click on Covid-19 to receive information immediately.
• Search using the keyword “Covid-19 information” on the LINE application.

LINE has a vision of closing the distance and connecting people, information, and solutions through efficient communication and information services suitable for the daily lives of everyone. Particularly during this period of crisis, we are always ready to serve as an important and efficient tool to increase convenience for individuals, businesses, and government agencies so that all Thai people can get through this difficult time together.

About LINE
The LINE messaging app was launched in 2011 in the aftermath of the great tsunami in Japan, a time when people struggled to find reliable ways to contact their families and loved ones. Mr. Jungho Shin, an application developer and LINE founder, realized the problem in Japan and adopted technology to tackle it, giving birth to the vision of Closing the Distance that aims to bring people, technology, and information closer. LINE has developed many easy-to-use, convenient, and useful features and services, transforming itself into the number one lifestyle platform in Japan and many countries in Asia. In Thailand, more than 45 million people have downloaded the LINE application (as of January 2020).

About Cleverse, an application developer and LINE’s partner
Cleverse is a Venture Builder who aims to create tech startups. Today, Cleverse has subsidiaries in various industries including ad tech, media, property tech, logistics etc. The company is specialized in developing technology products that combine business model, design, and technology to create impact or change in the industry.

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