“Blue Diamond Almond Breeze®” launches new advertisement “A good and tasty choice for your lifestyle”, celebrating No.1 almond milk brand in Thailand


Blue Diamond Growers, a US-based almond-growing agricultural cooperative based in Sacramento, California launches a new advertisement and slogan “A good and tasty choice for your lifestyle” to encourage consumers to stay fit and healthy with Almond Breeze®. The new advertisement proudly presents the gorgeous brand presenter Matcha Mosimunn, a Thailand supermodel and an actress whose lifestyle believes in healthy eating and daily exercises, chooses Almond Breeze® to keep her active and stay in shape at the same time.

“You are what you eat” describes how food is ideal to one’s health because our body needs the right amount of nutrients and calories in each day to stay active and healthy. One of the best choices of beverage for health-conscious people is Almond Breeze® almond milk because it is a good source of vitamin E and calcium, while contains lower calories than other alternative milk . This makes almond milk became a new everyday drink among those who is health conscious whether it can be eaten with cereals, pour it in your favorite cup of coffee or drink it by itself when you feel hungry.

Almond Breeze’s® new advertisement was released on BTS sky train and MRT. Almond Breeze® Thailand has received positive feedback and consumer satisfaction on the product for its good taste and low calories, its very affordable price and availability at all supermarkets. Moreover, Almond Breeze® is now available on online stores such as Shopee, Tops online, 24catalog, and JD Central so now you can order anywhere and at any time. Almond Breeze® promotes through both offline and online channels, spotlighting the brand as the no.1 best-selling almond milk in Thailand with 52.7% value share of the market in 2019, according to research by Nielsen.

For further information, please contact 02-813-0954-5 or follow Blue Diamond’s activities at www.facebook.com/Bluediamondthailand and IG: Bluediamondthailand.


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