Reduction and Suspension of flights due to the Spread of Novel Coronavirus as for Feb. 27

Peach Aviation Limited (“Peach,” Representative Director and CEO: Shinichi Inoue) notified Ministry
of Land, Infrastructure and Transport today that it will change some of its operation due to the spread of novel coronavirus. The changes are detailed below.

・Reduction of Flight Frequency: Four routes, 384 flights
・Suspension of Service: Eleven routes, 528 flights
・Eighteen routes, 1294 flights have been affected in total, including the cancelation of Shanghai and Hong Kong flights which had already been released.

Routes No. of flights (per week)
Before No. of flights
(per week)
After Flight No. Period
Taipei (Taoyuan) Osaka
(Kansai) 28 round trips 7 round trips
(until Mar.18)

21 round trips※1
(after Mar.19) 21 Mar.1~28
22 Mar.2~19
23/27/28 Mar.1~18
30 Mar.1~28
(Narita) 21 round trips 7 round trips
(until Mar.18)

14 round trips※2
(after Mar.19) 627 Mar.1~27
620 Mar.2~28
623 Mar.1~18
624 Mar.2~19
(Naha) 7 round trips 922/925
927/926 Mar.1~28
(Incheon) Osaka
(Kansai) 28 round trips 21 round trips 11 Mar.1~27
12 Mar.2~28
※1 Only MM22 will be canceled on Mar.19
※2 Only MM624 will be canceled on Mar.19

Routes Flight No. Period
Taipei (Taoyuan) Sapporo
(New-Chitose) 725 Mar.1~28
726 Mar.2~28
720 Mar.29
Sendai 775/776 Mar.1~18*3
(Haneda) 859 Mar.2~19*4
860 Mar.1~18*3
Fukuoka 825 Mar.2~19*4
826 Mar.1~18*3
Kaohsiung Osaka
(Kansai) 35/36 Mar.1~18*3
(Narita) 635 Mar.1~27
636 Mar.2~28
(Naha) 933/934 Mar.1~28
(Incheon) Tokyo
(Haneda) 809 Mar.2~28
808 Mar.1~27
(Naha) 905/906 Mar.1~28
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) Okinawa
(Naha) 989 Mar.1~27
990 Mar.2~28
Hong Kong Osaka
(Kansai) 67 Mar.1~27
68 Mar.2~28
※3 Will operate 7 round trips per week from Mar.19 to Mar.28
※4 Will operate 7 round trips per week from Mar.20 to Mar.28

・If you are booked on an affected flight, Peach will provide a refund or rebook you to another
Peach flight on the same route.
・There will be no charge for the refund or rebooking.
・Please go to the “Manage Booking” page on our website to receive a refund or to rebook your flight.
“Manage Booking” Page:

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