“SILENT KILLER” collection seizes Top RECO Young Designer Awards for eco-fashion idea under RE-WARE theme

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The RECO Young Designer Competition 2019 has come to an exciting end, with Mr. Settawut Nampunya proudly sewing up the eco-friendly challenge to bag the top award with his “SILENT KILLER” design, receiving THB100,000 in cash.

Indorama Ventures or IVL launched the RECO Young Designer Competition 2019 as a significant cog in its eco-campaign, organizing masterful activities to promote the most efficient use of PET material, aspiring to instill an eco-mindset in a young designer while expanding the value of products and promote the Circular Economy concept in the long term.

Talking about the RECO Young Designer Competition, Mrs. Aradhana Lohia Sharma, Vice President of Indorama Ventures said, “We began this journey in 2011 with an ambition to promote and uplift recycling as well as use our resources responsibly and efficiently. RECO is now Thailand’s largest on upcycling design competition. Over the years, we have sighted the creation of upcycling collections from talented young designers who raised the bar for every year. Our journey will continue to create social awareness on how to intelligently and efficiently use PET materials in a bid to save environmental sustainability.”

Ms. Naweensuda Krabuanrat, Assistant Vice President of Indorama Ventures’ corporate communication division and one of RECO 2019 judges, added “This year’s designers have raised the bar for future challenges. We are impressed with all the dedication and creativity throughout the contest for over 3 months. Starting from the 200 projects submitted for this year’s contest, Indorama Ventures chose 30 teams of designers to join in eco-design workshops. Subsequently, ten teams were selected as finalists. These 10 used the knowledge gained from the workshops, presentation, fittings and runs into fashion performance in the final round.”

“The most outstanding collection that matches the RE-WEAR theme belongs to Mr. Settawut Nampunya who won RECO Award from the collection “SILENT KILLER”. His collection creates its resourceful idea to utilize used materials, such as polyester bag straps, discarded industrial yarns, recycled polyester yarns, photochromic ink and DEJATM fabric of IVL’ 100% rPET, which mixed of its qualification of used materials perfectly. Moreover, this collection outfits to be suitable on many occasions – Casual Wear, Cocktail Wear, and Catwalk Wear. Additionally, the project is in line with Indorama Ventures’ policy of sustainable development and also has placed significance on supporting the circular economy.”, Naweensuda added.

Mr. Settawut Nampunya receiving THB100,000. The first runner-up position went to Mr. Nitiwat Sakulsriprasert, who used the concept “RE-BORNLESS” to bag THB50,000 in cash. The second runner-up, Mr. Pawit Prawat, produced the concept “SUPER ULTRA RE-WEAR”, winning THB30,000.

Mr. Settawut Nampunya, the winner of RECO Young Designer 2019, described, “I have to thank Indorama Ventures that has such an amazing vision in bringing recycling PET waste to make them into reusable products, fabrics and polyester fiber. On top of that, the company provides the opportunity for young designers to explore our ideas and put its design into reality. This collection was inspired by carcasses bound by garbage, fishnets and ropes which were irresponsibly discarded in the sea where this trash is endangering marine life as well as the wider ecosystem. The technique was to sprinkle unwoven yarns on top of each other in layers to create new surface and texture together with color gradation. Now that it’s done, all the pressure, exhaustion and difficulties are gone. I would apply the reward to start up my fashion brand. Appreciated for all advisors who have given me advice and recognized my determination.”

“Indorama Ventures congratulates all the winners and strongly believes the RECO activities play a part in stimulating powerful ideas in the younger generation. It creates a positive impact throughout learning in recycling and upcycle the recyclable plastic, encouraging those producing PET for packaging to use the material most efficiently and lead to an output of value-added products along with sustainable growth under the circular economy. Our group of companies will continue to move forward to create social awareness in efficiently using recycled PET and polyester through participation by society and related industries” Aradhana concluded.

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