HP Inc. Launches Cutting-Edge Digital Textile Printing in Thailand

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HP Stitch S Series reinvents dye-sub printing for South East Asia with world’s fastest automated, sustainable color matching experience for fashion designers, textile and soft signage manufacturers


– HP Stitch S Series signals HP’s entry into the fashion, sportswear, soft signage, and interior d?cor textiles industries
– Thermal InkJet printhead technology will reduce time and waste, and achieve color consistency and repeatability across customer fleets
– HP delivers the World Fastest Color Matching – in the printer, in the RIP and in the cloud
– HP Stitch S Series provides continuous high-quality prints, with both transfer paper and direct-to fabric features
– Reduces daily manual work through automated printhead maintenance

Bangkok, July, 2019 – HP launched the new HP Stitch S series for South East Asia in Thailand at GFT 2019, ASEAN’s most comprehensive exhibition for garment and textiles manufacturing. Over 17,000 industrialists in the garment and textile manufacturing from 250 brands from 25 countries were introduced to the HP Stitch S portfolio of digital printers which deliver cutting-edge technology to the textile industry, resulting in less waste, simplified management processes and fast, precise color-matching.

In Thailand, fast fashion has disrupted many specialty retail fashion stalwarts as the fast-changing behavior of consumers still dictates preference for fashion that fit their lifestyle. The local fashion segment is very competitive and has recently delivered double-digit annual growth . In order to stand out on the runway in the industry, niche fashion designers must create their own personalized, customized brand aesthetic while making the most of new technology and knowledge to create desirable clothing.

“HP’s expansion into the Thai textile printing and fashion industry is timely as fashion designers and textile printers look to innovate with commercial digital printing across a fast-growing industry comes at a time of great opportunity for Thai market,” said Pavin Vorapruck, Managing Director of HP Thailand. “HP’s new digital printing offers best-in-class color management technology is sustainable, accessible and efficient, and will inspire a new era of expression for fashion designers and textile manufacturers who can now focus on the art of work that they believe in.”

As part of the launch, HP also announced a new collaboration with Varithorn Boutique, a well-known online clothing store in Thailand. The collaboration will involve the creation of limited-edition dresses with a unique textile print by the HP Stitch S. The dresses and polyester-silk and polyester-chiffon textiles used will be designed by Varithorn Kanpaibool, the owner of Varithorn Boutique.

“The era of ‘one size fits all’ products is over. Our clients want personalized and customized designs that suit represent them,” said Varithorn Kanpaibool, well-known online clothing store Varithorn Boutique. “The HP Stitch S offers high-quality print technology, and most importantly the exact color management capability that I am looking for. As a fashion designer, I want the color of textile to be consistent even if it is not printed from the same production batch. Once I am confident that the color is under control, it will allow me to craft original freehand prints that can be quickly brought to life through one-of-a-kind patterns for our avant-garde styles.”

The new HP Stitch S Printer series includes a portfolio of three new printers for textile printing from 64-inch to 126-inch wide – the HP Stitch S300 64-in Printer, the HP Stitch S500 64-in Printer and HP Stitch S1000 126-in Printer.

HP Stitch printers, via HP Smart Color tools, and the first-ever built-in spectrophotometer, deliver exact color management that is replicable both over time and across the fleet. The superior quality prints save time and money by avoiding the waste of reprints. Additionally, by coupling HP Thermal Inkjet technology with industry-standard dyes, print producers are guaranteed even greater color durability.

The HP Stitch S300 Printer is the smart investment for easy dye sublimation printing and holds the first user-replaceable printhead, resulting in reduced down times and service costs. The HP Stitch S300 Printer was designed specifically for new-to-dye sublimation professionals, prototyping departments, and growing print providers.

HP Stitch S500 Printer is the workhorse for production sites, enabling predictable dye sublimation color and less media waste for production environments. With symmetrical 2xCMYK printhead configuration and Optical Media Advance Sensor, this 64-inch versatile printer allows for saturated and reliable one pass mode for true top speed. The HP Stitch S500 Printer was designed specifically for high production sites.

Key HP Stitch S500 Printer features:

• Streamline your production
– Big ink supplies, larger rolls, and HP’s Tension-Sensing Winder allow unattended operations—even overnight, complete with HP Services and cloud fleet management tools.

• Provide colour you can rely on with HP SmartColor tools
– Confidently distribute jobs across your fleet with color consistency from printer to printer.

• Cost savings
– Avoid reprints and media waste with 1200 native dpi printheads and HP Smart Nozzle Compensation system, saving up to 50 percent floor space with frontal media loading and a spindle-less system .

Pricing and availability
Information on availability and pricing, please contact: Nantana.ekwiwattanakul@hp.com
For product information, link here: https://www8.hp.com/th/en/printers/stitch-textile-printers/overview.html

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