New Kaspersky Password Manager Helps Keep Valuable Digital Data in Order


Kaspersky Lab has released a new version of Kaspersky Password Manager, which further simplifies the process of organizing valuable private data, including passwords and digital documents. The updated solution allows users to store PDF documents, assign categories to uploaded files, and check if a password has been compromised in a leaked public database.

Today, consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of sensitive data, as they acquire more credentials to various online accounts and store important documents in digital format. To keep all of this information protected, yet still available for easy access, consumers need a secure vault that enables them to find the right credentials, file or document instantly when needed. Kaspersky Password Manager allows users to securely store and access valuable digital data, anywhere and from any device.

With the new version of Kaspersky Password Manager, users can now upload driver’s licenses, passports, debit or credit cards, tax returns, signed contracts and other sensitive documents as a multipage PDF. Uploaded files can then be assigned a category for easy access and quick search.

Large-scale leaks of online account information have become a stark reality, as seen with the recent Collection #1 publication of more than a billion unique email and password combinations, aggregated from various data breaches. To help consumers secure their accounts in real-time against this threat, the new version of Kaspersky Password Manager also includes a functionality to warn a user if a password they have chosen has previously appeared in a database of compromised accounts. This functionality leverages the “Pwned Passwords” tool from

“With the onslaught of data breaches making news headlines, consumers are growing increasingly uneasy about the security of their personal information and are looking for a reliable way to keep their data safe,” said Brian Anderson, vice president of consumer sales, Kaspersky Lab North America. “At Kaspersky Lab, we want to continue enhancing the functionality of our solutions to make consumers’ digital lives simpler and more secure. The new options in Kaspersky Password Manager, to store PDF documents and check that passwords haven’t been leaked online, help ensure both security and peace of mind for our customers.”

Kaspersky Password Manager is a secure, multiplatform program available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and via a web browser. The tool secures stores passwords, identifies weak ones and generates strong replacements with Password Generator, securely auto-filling login credentials and storing the user’s personal data in an encrypted vault.

The solution is available in both a free and paid version. The free version comes with storage for 15 entries, while the paid version offers unlimited storage. Visit our website to learn more and download the new Kaspersky Password Manager.

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