“Hafele” launch of its new brand ambassador “Kimberly”

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“Hafele” aggressively penetrate the market in the second half of this year with the launch of its new brand ambassador “Kimberly” under the “Hafele makes life easier” concept.

“Hafele” has conducted a strong market strategy with an on-line market penetration under the “Idea for Living by Hafele” campaign to emphasize its image as the leader in Complete Building Solutions and high quality products with German technology that makes life’s easier, more convenient with maximum safety through the lifestyle of “Kimberly” who is one of Hafele’s real customer. Under the “Hafele makes Kim’s life easier” slogan, this key message simply communicates the concept along with supporting media under the same direction for continuous growth.

Mr Volker Hell stern, Managing Director of Hafele (Thailand) Co., Ltd, a leading German-based specialist for architectural hardware, furniture fittings, electrical home & kitchen appliances and bathroom & sanitary ware revealed that as Hafele will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary in Thailand since it was founded in 1994, we have strongly focus on good quality and services at reasonable prices. Moreover, we emphasize on continuous service development to cement our image as the leader in Complete Building Solution on all our 4 product categories. Hafele has launched an advertisement campaign called “Idea For Living by Hafele” which tells the story of brand ambassador Kimberly Ann Voltemas, a Thai superstar with German father, aiming to promote Hafele’s German quality products for wider target customers. The advertisement will be on air in the third quarter of this year. It will be the major tool to penetrate on-line market via Facebook, Line official, YouTube hafelethailand website and other on-line media along with Point of purchase such as leaflet, poster, banner in front of shops. By using these various media channels to support the advertisement campaign, Hafele has set up Customer Service center and open a Line@ as new channels to provide information and response to enquiries about the products & services. The Customer Service center would also provide information on nearby distribution shops for customers nationwide. On the other hand, the distribution agents could track its product orders and services at this One Stop Service Centre.

Hafele also focus on trade partners and distribution agents through media channels in its advertisement campaign. The Customer Service center will also inform about sales & distribution representatives that carry Hafele brand logo nationwide. The company will collaborate more with the distribution representatives by improving the shops & sales points condition as well as conducting promotional activities such as Hafele Day, Hafele Big Thanks, In-store Promotion and training courses for trade partners and sales distributors so they could be confident on Hafele products & services so they could continue to sustainably grow together.

Mr Volker added that the campaign is based on a marketing survey & research that home owners or customers who plan to construct houses are not aware of Hafele brand and what are its products’portfolio. Under this research, the company sees the marketing opportunity to increase sales volume and brand awareness with end-consumers. With this strategy, it aims to use this end-consumer based to expand the market to other categories such as home & kitchen electrical appliances, sanitary ware, etc. Therefore, Hafele has focused on building brand awareness through various marketing tools which resulted in this “Idea For Living by Hafele” campaign.

Mr Volker said that the property market has a positive indication to grow especially office building, shopping complex and hotel as the demand is increasing, resulting in potential higher rental fee. However, the condominium segment is differ from other categories as the supply is higher than the demand and it would take a while to be sold. Hafele products mainly serve the property segment by focusing on maximizing space usage for operators and consumers through Hafele product usage with specialist advices.

This year, the company will emphasize on complete product solutions for hotels and other hotel related services such as dialogue entrance & exit control which could be used throughout the building to track guests and staffs as well as issue financial documents that connects to HMS to show the status of each room in all time. It will also offer lighting control, modern switching of Façade and water management that could help save water, adjusts the temperature and save expenditures by using bendable smart pipe that has over 50 years of durable. Hafele is ready to fulfill all trade partners and customer demand with a ‘wow’ experiences.

For 2018 marketing situation, the upcoming election news has continuously increased confidence among foreign investors. Hafele Thailand now ranks third in sales volume among other Hafele offices worldwide. It is No 1 when compared with other Hafele branches in Asia, followed by Hafele India and Hafele Vietnam. Moreover, Hafele Thailand has opened 6 new showrooms with same quality standard in terms of products, expertise to provide advice to trade partner and consumers. Customers would get the opportunity to view wide range of products in real-life atmosphere with integrated services that accommodate all customers’ demand with its speedy and modern logistic system. Order could be made within a day (before 16.00) and get the product in the following day.

This is Hafele target throughout is 24 years in Thailand which made the company grow significantly and strongly with excellence performance and sales of 3.45 billion baht. The number of staffs have jumped to 1,500 with inventory worth 1.25 billion baht from the 25,000 product items which not include 45,000 products item that are ready to be imported from Germany under the Thinking Ahead concept. Hafele Thailand will continue to enhance its quality and development under its Complete Building Solution slogan, serving the world of construction and living for a better experience by strengthening the relationship with partner stakeholder, staffs, business alliances and the Thai social.

“Hafele has developed hardware equipment that control electronic entrance-exit from our 5 production manufacturers in Germany and Hungary. In 2017, 80% of Hafele group’s sales volume are from export goods with over 7,600 staffs worldwide from 37 subsidiaries and large number of representatives and 1.38 billion EURO in revenue,” Mr Volker concluded.

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